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  • Durability Solid build but the lack of stain resistant screws leaves you with a task to clean it daily from rusting. good
  • Portability Easy to just put on your wrist, fits snug. great!
  • Ease of use Works perfectly especially with an iOS device. Plug it to charge (battery lasts long!) and push a button to sync. great!
  • Design and form factor A conversation starter. Looks just like a standard wrist band until you push the button. Feeld comfortable and not too bulky. great!
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I've been using my fuelband for a month now and it's been a fun way to motivate myself to be active. The device itself looks great and so easy and simple to use it doesn't take much time to sync or charge at night.

My greatest concern is the rusting of screws and how easily the material can catch dirt.

Fuelband needs to open up it's API so that more than just PATH is integrated in the experience.

Overall, fun and easy to use — can be gimmicky but once you're past that it is a fun way to be competitive with your friends while getting active.