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  • Durability This thing's a trooper. It's built well and works well. My only complaint has to do with water resistance: I can't swim with it. good
  • Portability I mean... it snaps onto your wrist. It's portable. The only complaint I'd offer is it can be a little thick so it's difficult to wear with long sleeves. good
  • Ease of use Both the software and the hardware are stellar. The app works easily and is aided by the simply bluetooth sync. The band's Fuel display helps to track easily. great!
  • Design and form factor It's relatively good looking. For a watch, it looks modern and interesting. For a fitness monitor, it's great. (I think on the wrist is > than on the waist). great!
Detailed review
My FuelBand stopped working after a few months of use. I couldn't tell you why. But I liked it.

Nike did good with the FuelBand. It raised the bar for a fitness monitor. The FuelBand is easy to use, easy to charge, easy to setup, and customizable. It's a pretty nifty little gadget.

Do I think it really helps you get fit? Meh. But these products are all there to aid your own fitness desires. Does it do it's best to remind you to workout with it's nice Fuel bar. You bet. And that does motivate you to work out if you've got a Fuel goal that'll actually take some hard work to achieve.

My biggest complaint is that you can't swim in the thing. My second biggest complaint is that I don't know how much I truly trust the measuring systems in this thing. Sometimes it gives more fuel than deserved, other times the opposite.

But those are limits to the technologies in the whole fitness industry. For now, the FuelBand does what it can very well.