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  • Durability I wear it in my sleep and shower with no issues great!
  • Portability For the most part stays out of the way, only run into slight issue when wearing dress shirts with sleeves good
  • Ease of use Simple concept, single button to cycle through metrics and to sync. great!
  • Design and form factor It stays out of the way for the most part. To be durable and functional it needs the sturdy form factor but gets annoying resting wrist on laptop edges all day. good
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I've had and have used the FuelBand all day, every day for the last month. For someone (like myself) that wasn't particularly active, the device works great as a psychological motivator but I'm leery to trust it for it's accuracy if I were someone more hardcore with my exercise regimin. My work places me in front of a computer for the majority of the day, and I had grown accustomed to moving from laptop screen, to dinner, to tv to bed, but with the FuelBand I now FEEL more inclined to do something, ANYTHING to keep my streak of meeting my number up. And that's really where I think Nike has excelled with the device and the app and INTEGRATION with social networks - it becomes a game where I'm constantly exercising, big and small routines, to not only meet my number but also to beat my friends that have the FuelBand and are actively syncing daily and comparing with the Leader board.

It helps too that I have the XBox Kinect with Nike+ Kinect game. It adds to the challenge to see my progress with the game reflected on my wrist and on my iPhone.

But for someone that does a lot of biking or strength training, they should seriously consider whether this, or any of the arm mounted monitors is right for them since it will be limited in what it can track with those activities.