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  • Durability After a week of wear, it shows no scratches. It goes back to weird smooshy uniform matte after rubbing. UPDATE: Broke several times in and out of warranty. poor
  • Portability It's pretty easy to wear, though it could be a bit thinner. Still, if that meant reduced battery life, I would choose the current form factor for sure. good
  • Ease of use Set up requires running an app on a computer, but after that it's Apple-easy to use. This product knows exactly what it wants to be. good
  • Design and form factor Even as an early-launcher to the bracelet fit-wearable market, its display is miles ahead anything else available. I press the button just to enjoy the fading. great!
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One week in and the battery still hasn't died after atypically active (display-activation, bluetooth syncing) use.
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