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  • Durability I'm now on my 3rd unit in 12 months awful!
  • Portability No comments great!
  • Ease of use No comments great!
  • Design and form factor No comments good
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I love every aspect of the FuelBand apart from its reliability and that comes down to a single malfunctioning component - the button. SInce getting my FuelBand a little over 12 months ago I am now on my 2nd replacement and in both cases before its the button that has failed. In all other aspects the device is great and the fact that it sits on my wrist and doesn't require something clipped my my belt or stuffed in a pocket (remembering to have to take it in and out when changing clothes and more importantly before washing) works for me. Nike issue regular updates with the latest one adding a way to view current battery charge rather than having to wait for a low charge warning to display. The only thing it doesn't do is monitor sleep which is a huge omission since its already on my wrist, i wear it 24 hours making it made for the feature and yet the other pocketable device like Fitbit and Withings do monitor sleep so long as you can be bothered to mount the thing in a wrist strap. Still I'm hoping that Nike will address that with a firmware feature update rather than saving it for the FuelBand 2!
Overall because it designed to be worn on the wrist it works better for me than remembering to have to carry something else around however its missing the sleep monitoring feature and reliability is an issue with the previous 2 only lasting 6 months each (and I do take care of it)