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  • Durability No comments good
  • Portability No comments great!
  • Ease of use There can be a few glitches with the firmware at times but nothing major. so-so
  • Design and form factor No comments good
Detailed review
First off let me start by saying this is one of those products that will greatly very depending on the users habits and expectations while using it. Some of the key pros to the Nike+ FUELBAND are as follows-Sleek and understated bracelet. Sporty rubberized plastic. Funky LED dot matrix display. Charges via USB. Syncs to iPhone app over Bluetooth. And here are some of the better known cons to the FUELBAND that would probably be improved on a later release of the product-Only measures general motion: no sleep data; no ability to log activities; no ability to input calories consumed. Can't track weight changes. Mobile app for iPhone only. Bottom line if it does what you purchased it to do then its awesome, if not then this probably was not the best selection in sports bands for what you were in the market for.
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