February 19th 2010 5:29 pm

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Overall, I really like the Nike+ Sportband: It's a solid and inexpensive tool for runners, walkers, or even those who simply want to improve their health with exercise. But if you're looking to capture and track more physical activity information, the GoWear fit adds sensors that monitor heart rate, galvanic skin response, and heat flux, in order to provide an even-more-detailed fitness picture—but it also costs a lot more. quote

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PC Mag Aug 13, 2009

The affordable Nike+ SportBand combines an accurate pedometer with a well-executed Web component for a top-notch fitness-tracking experience.

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Popular Science Aug 13, 2009

The $59 price seemed steep, until I realized it's still nearly $100 cheaper than the cheapest iPod with a Nike+ kit, or any other pace- and distance-measuring watch. One word of advice: Be sure to use the calibration feature.

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cchana cchana

One of the best things about Nike+ is it's integration with the iPod/iPhone. With the SportBand, they have removed the need for an expensive... oh no, wait, there's still money that needs to be spent to make it work, but I prefer this solution. You can wear it while playing sports (football,...

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