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Digital Photography Review Mar 19, 2008

Just under two years since the D200 Nikon reveals the D300, the range of changes is so significant that it wouldn't be inappropriate to call it a 'compact D3' (less the full-frame sensor of course).

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safaridan safaridan

Love this camera - very fast, great quality photos, and super-rugged. I am frequently using it in dusty, bumpy and dirty environments and it has yet to even hiccup, forget about failing... I've been partial to Nikon quality since the beginning and am glad to have stuck with them. I had waited...

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dave dave

This has been my primary trusty, reliable, and rock solid shooting body for over two years now. Never had an issue with it and it's always been ready for action. I want to eventually step up to a full frame camera, but this body has been superb for me. I've shot everything from air...

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