June 26th 2009 7:39 pm

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The new Nintendo DSi is a lot of fun, but, like the Nintendo Wii, it's not for the hardcore gamer. quote

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PC World Apr 1, 2009

This time around, Nintendo is definitely on the right track, but it feels like a series of half-steps. ... The way I see it, the DSi is one big system update shy of greatness.

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CNET Apr 6, 2009

While not all previous DS owners should upgrade, the DSi is an ambitious and solidly designed portable gaming system.

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Gizmodo Apr 3, 2009

There's little doubt that DSiWare will become a serious platform all its own. The question is, how long will that development take, and what is that platform worth to you? At the moment, it's got a handful of games and apps. So our answer would be, not much.

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TechCrunch Apr 4, 2009

If you currently own a DS Lite, then I suggest you wait around for a bit to see what happens with the DSi Shop. If you have an older model or you don’t own one at all, then, by all means, go out and purchase one immediately.

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tatsumaki tatsumaki

If it weren't for the deal Gamestop offered on trading up from a DS Lite, I probably would have left the DSi alone. Sometimes, it's best to go with your gut. While not a huge divergence from the Lite, the DSi's main upgrades are of questionable value compared to the loss of the GBA...

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dabockster dabockster

The Nintendo DSi is a good concept, but that's where it stops gaining my attention. The game library is not that good, as most of the games are designed for an age range of 7-12 years of age. Graphics are mid-range. Battery lasts at least 4 hours. Fits great in a pocket. The outer shell is prone...

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DJStillz DJStillz

Lets dispel the common myth, the DSi is not a competitor to the iPhone, but rather a response to the age we live in. People are moving towards having less objects in their pockets, while being able to do more things, and the DSi accomplishes that, though the execution is less than perfect....

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foogledricks foogledricks

What more can be said about the amazing Nintendo DS. Being that this review is late to the game, sort of speak, I have the benefit of time to now put forth the following criticism. The Nintendo DS is fantastic. But it is also outdated. In a world where everyone has a smartphone and kids have...

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