June 26th 2009 7:39 pm

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by kris

Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection goes dark May 20
If you're a Nintendo DS or Wii owner, and any of your games use online features, I suggest you enjoy one last Mario Kart race, download all the weekly Professor Layton puzzles and wrap up any outstanding Pokémon trades you've got on the Global Trade Station because that's all going away tomorrow.
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by groovechicken

Radiant Historia a must-have for all DS owners who like JRPGs
Wow, I picked up a used copy of Radiant Historia for the DS a few months ago and have been slowly chipping away at it. I am now about 20 hours in and am absolutely hooked. This has easily become my favorite RPG ever. The story and character development are even better than my previous favorites, Final Fantasy IV (aka II), Final Fantasy VI (aka III), Final Fantasy VII, Chrono Trigger, and even Cosmic Fantasy 2 (an old TG16 CD game that had my favorite story up until now).
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by snavelykl

Is it weird that I would rather have a DSi then a DSi XL?
I find the form factor and color options better in the DSi. Plus I don't wanna walk around with a huge "Gameboy" in my pocket. Secondly, with the 3DS announced it almost seems as though Nintendo is planning on having 3 models of the DS: DSi (Entry level system.) DSi XL (Hi-res performance system.) 3DS (Ultimate fun system.) I think they are also going to sell these at 3 different price points. I don't know I tend to speculate a lot.

by ChrisDenney

Nvidia Tegra in DS2?
http://www.engadget.com/2009/10/13/nvidia-tegra-to... Supposedly coming out in late '10. Excited about this? Would you buy it on release? How about if you just recently got the DSi? I use my DS lite a lot, and held off exactly because i was dissapointed that the DSi was not more of an upgrade, so I would say that I will get this very soon after release if its true and i can afford it.

by PatD

Worth the buy?
Well, for me it was! I mean, despite the fact it lacks a GBA slot, this thing is pretty awesome. Besides, there is usually only one card inserted into the DS slot. *COUGH* flash cart *COUGHCOUGH* :D The cameras are definitely a plus too, but so far is only a novelty. The interface also looks a lot nicer, not to mention how much better the internet browser, and with the virtual shop. What made you want to buy it?

by JTastic42

DSi Store - Where are the VC titles?
I really like the potential the DSi Store brings. I've downloaded a few titles, but it's virtual console titles I'd really like to see. It's doing quite well on the Wii side. I would think that Nintendo would be licking their chops at the idea of selling titles again to such a large userbase. It would be nice if they would allow downloads to DSi users on titles they already bought on the Wii, but I realize this is quite the dream. I would really enjoy playing titles like Super...