June 26th 2009 7:39 pm

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The new Nintendo DSi is a lot of fun, but, like the Nintendo Wii, it's not for the hardcore gamer. quote

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PC World Apr 1, 2009

This time around, Nintendo is definitely on the right track, but it feels like a series of half-steps. ... The way I see it, the DSi is one big system update shy of greatness.

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CNET Apr 6, 2009

While not all previous DS owners should upgrade, the DSi is an ambitious and solidly designed portable gaming system.

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Gizmodo Apr 3, 2009

There's little doubt that DSiWare will become a serious platform all its own. The question is, how long will that development take, and what is that platform worth to you? At the moment, it's got a handful of games and apps. So our answer would be, not much.

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TechCrunch Apr 4, 2009

If you currently own a DS Lite, then I suggest you wait around for a bit to see what happens with the DSi Shop. If you have an older model or you don’t own one at all, then, by all means, go out and purchase one immediately.

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PhazonUK PhazonUK

The DSi is still a good console, but a real shame Nintendo dropped GBA support in this version of the DS system. The addition of 2 camera is nice, but they don't have any major use, and they are low quality. The matte white casing is much better looking than the glossy DS Lite and has a MUCH...

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Kenshin217 Kenshin217

The DS series of handheld marks the first time Nintendo has managed to convince me to buy a handheld system from them, and I got the DSi. For me, it is all about Mario with Nintendo, and the DSi delivers. Graphics were good enough, but could have been better. Furthermore, this thing will last a...

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aidancheddar aidancheddar

The DSi, next to my former Gameboy, has been the best portable game console I've owned. It has a large, vast, library (that I do wonder if it surpasses the Wii's). A lot of the games are very great too.

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nickha0 nickha0

I was a regular DS owner (not DS Lite) and I finally decided to buy the next generation of the DS... the DSi. First off, let me say that if you don't already own a DS, buy this one. It has far more features than both of the previous iterations and it looks pretty good too. I'll go...

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