October 29th 2009 8:47 am

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It's called "XL" for a reason.
From the moment I saw the box at Best Buy, I knew this wasn't your run-of-the mill portable game system.
But first, let me clarify: I wouldn't have bought this to replace a DSi, or even a DS Lite, and most likely not for an original DS from late 2004.
But, I tragically lost my DS Lite, and thus have gone a few months without Mario Kart or Pokémon whenever I want. Tragic, right? Right. Anyway, I decided I needed a DS again. I heard this was coming to the US, and held off until last Sunday, when it was released.
First impressions? It's big.
I pulled it out of the box, and slid it into the pocket of my cargo shorts; it still fits, but I choose just to keep it in my backpack, as the bulge looks quite strange.
It was very easy to set up, though; typed in my WEP password, and was good to go on the web browser and the shop, etc. built in. And as soon as I popped in my new copy of Pokémon HeartGold, I was wowed by the animation of Ho-Oh on a screen of this magnitude. And yes, the pixel count is the same as the DSi, but the DS never had fantastic graphics, so I really don't mind any pixelation that does occur.
It is also very comfortable to hold in my hands, not at all cramped like my DS Lite could be at times. And the feature to post the crappy pics to Facebook is nice; it's fun to take creepy pictures when people think you're gaming (Just kidding).
And do I have any buyer's remorse for not waiting until the Holy Grail of the 3DS? Well, it's not coming until next year, and I needed a DS, so I am not worried about my XL being instantly obsolete.
So I recommend the XL if you don't already have a functioning DS, or if you have extremely large hands. Sure it's nice, but I don't see it as a necessary upgrade from the DSi, regular size.