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by kris

Did you ever try plugging in a second controller when playing Duck Hunt?
Apparently a second controller in single duck mode allows a second player to control the duck, adding a bit more challenge (assuming your second player is somewhat competent). This is from the manual, which I clearly never read as a kid. Did you read the manual? Did you ever have a friend control the duck to make the game harder (or easier)? And if you missed the duck, did knowing you lost to a friend make the dog's laughter even crueler? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Duck_Hunt... Read more →

by dave

Do you ever regret getting rid of your older "game-changing" gadgets?
I know I tagged this post with a few Apple products -- but this can really apply to any gadget. Recently, I was reflecting on this though. I sold my 2nd-gen iPod (which was the first Apple product I ever owned and started me on the long, sad path to Apple fanboyism) to a coworker a few years ago. In hindsight, I kind of regret it. It was a 20GB drive, monochrome screen, and I think I sold it for ~$50. But I remember when I first set my hand on it, how awesome and incredible I thought this device... Read more →

by nizzy

Why do we need to blow on the games and why do the games mess up?!?
This weekend my brother in law came to my house and we broke out the NES to play some Double Dribble. The game (as many of the older games) is awesome and never gets old! When I first put it in the system and fired it up, I got the blinking light :/ took it out and preformed the usual hot air blowing procedure. About 4 years ago my wife surprised me and bout me a NES for xmas. I was so excited. I went and bought a brand new 72 pin connector. I figured a new connector would fix the problem, but...