June 23rd 2009 12:44 pm

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timchoi89 timchoi89

I remember the day when my mom bought me the Game Boy in a little electronic shop in Hong Kong. I was so happy and ever since then I've been hooked on handheld gaming. The original Game Boy was a very fun device and it gave many many hours of fun game play. When I got it, the shop gave us a 99...

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njashanmal njashanmal

Among other lines of business we happened to be the Nintendo importer and distributor in the UAE when the Gameboy was launched, which meant that I got my hands on one way before anyone else I knew. Didn't realize how lucky I was and how trusty a companion it would be for many years...

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MegaPrime33 MegaPrime33

Let me take you back to the early 90s, where video games were big and Nintendo was THE console to buy. The good folks of Nintendo said, hey, how can we make this system portable? Born from plastic, screws, and imagination, came the Gameboy. I was in sixth grade when this came out, and this...

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moa moa

Game Boy.... 20 years ago the portable console was the top gadget a boy could have!!! Even with the green screen and simple games it was a lot of fun. Remember myself spending hours of rainy days playing tetris and ninja turtles. I also remember when i got my 1000 in 1 game.... it had all kinds...

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