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CNET Nov 18, 2001

The most affordable of the current game systems, the Nintendo GameCube offers great graphics and good performance but few extras.

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kris kris

Never mind Mario or Zelda, I bought this baby for Donkey Konga . What can I say? I really like pounding on the bongos (though I suppose I could have just gotten Taiko Drum Master for the PlayStation 2 and saved myself the trouble of buying a new system). I picked up the first DK game, along...

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fourblades fourblades

Have found it more child-teen friendly. There are some that are for hardcore gamers but you wouldn't really associate it with this console.

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Smrt Smrt

The Gamcube was an excellent console with loads of fantastic games. The control was easy to use and felt great in your hand. The console itself was worth buying for Super Smash Bros Melee, Mario Kart Double Dash and Zelda. But it could compete with the PS2 and its' fan base. It had many...

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piers piers

Can your slim PS2 function as a monitor stand? No! See, the GameCube has many post-mortem uses! :P http://twitpic.com/501cz9 (mine isn't dead, it still runs, but it's handier here :P) It was an awesome console, and if only Nintendo had built across instead of up, it could have had CD and DVD...

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