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by awwsomme

Refurb DS Lite or DSi?
So I just upgraded my phone and got a 50 gift certificate from Best Buy. I want some kind of mindless entertainment, so I decided why not purchase a DS? I am now looking to buy a refurb DS Lite from Game Stop and use the $50 towards a game or get the newer DSi at Best Buy with the certificate. Which should I choose?

by evoxdc

Anyone having hardware issues with their 3DS system?
Just sent my Cosmo Black unit back to Nintendo for a free repair. Apparently Street Fighter on this portable may have been little too much for it physically, because while playing I heard something pop while trying to perform the Shoryuken motion. The Analog stick pretty much froze in position after that. I managed to free the stick but afterwards it felt like it couldn't in 1/4 cardinal directions which would vary from moment to moment. I should add that it was a few days after the 30 day... Read more →

by peter

Does anyone have a favorite online video game rental service? (You know, like Netflix for games?
) I don't have a ton of time to play these days, but there are a handful of titles I missed when they first came out that I would really like to play (like Uncharted 2), so I figured renting one game every month or so would be a better deal than buying. I checked out GameFly, but wasn't really impressed by their pricing, so I ended up signing up for Gamemine. Their pricing is better, but selection isn't so hot, there's a wait list for nearly everything I want, and I'd be... Read more →

by cass

It's looking like Nintendo and Sony are going to stick to their respective strategies with their previous generations of portable gaming devices, one being…
an alternative (simple?) gaming experience and the other bringing the console gaming experience in a powerful portable device. Before the DS and PSP were released, I thought that the PSP would definitely be the winner because it was so much more powerful, but I was obviously way off. I'm guessing the majority of people wanted a device/game designed for gaming on the go and not having what is essentially a portable PS2. Personally, I think I would take the Sony NGP purely due to the spec... Read more →

by dave

Do you ever regret getting rid of your older "game-changing" gadgets?
I know I tagged this post with a few Apple products -- but this can really apply to any gadget. Recently, I was reflecting on this though. I sold my 2nd-gen iPod (which was the first Apple product I ever owned and started me on the long, sad path to Apple fanboyism) to a coworker a few years ago. In hindsight, I kind of regret it. It was a 20GB drive, monochrome screen, and I think I sold it for ~$50. But I remember when I first set my hand on it, how awesome and incredible I thought this device... Read more →