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kris kris

It's pretty much considered a "classic" device for your NES, but let's face it: these things were prone to malfunction. Not a total loss, as the only game most people used the Zapper for was Duck Hunt. Shooting ducks and clay pigeons only has so much allure, especially when what we really wanted...

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benhyams benhyams

If you own an NES Zapper, chances are you also have traumatic memories memories of being mocked by an obnoxious 8-bit dog. Rather than focus on it's accuracy, which in my opinion, actually had more to do with the player, I think I'd rather give focus to the legacy the Zapper left behind. The...

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casx510 casx510

Was a nice addition to the system but there didn't seem like a lot of good Zapper games. I remember Bayou Billy had a Zapper feature and a couple of others, but Duck Hunt was the most enjoyable one that nothing else could compare to. At times the accuracy was off but overall it was something...

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