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  • Game library Only the built in simple mini-games. The IR connection to Pokémon Heart Gold and Soul Silver is cool though. poor
  • Graphics The simple B/W screen has worse graphics then the GB Pokémon games. awful!
  • Battery life It has potentially months of battery life. Maybe years with limited use. great!
  • Portability (size / weight) Small, slim and with a handy clip you soon for get its even on you. great!
  • Durability The simple design is clearly kid proof. great!
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This is a basic pedometer with a small LCD screen. The game rewards your steps with a currency called watts. You can spend watts looking for pokémon, items or transfer them to your paired DS cartridge to gain new routes to walk. Each route has diffrnet pokemon and items. For full use of the Pokéwalker you need to transfer a pokémon from a Heart Gold or Soul Silver game. Although if you forget and take enough steps the device will reward you with a pokémon from that route.

The Pokéwalker is fairly hard to fake out, if it is shaken quickly it will count the first 100 shakes then every 4th shake there after.

The Pokéradar lets you find pokémon and get into simple battles with limited mechanics and only four HP a pokémon.

The Dowsing Machine gives you two guess to find an item in 6 patches of grass with a hint after the first guess.

The Pokéwalker has a 7 day history, reseting steps at midnight, and fantastic integration with the main game all captured pokémon and found items are transfered over. Pokémon returning from the Pokéwalker gain one level and increased happiness.

As hinted to in the summary it takes approximatively a 1000 miles worth of steps to unlock all the levels. Which takes 200 days at 10,000 steps per day. I hope some time next year that I will have hit that mark.
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