March 17th 2010 4:59 pm

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  • Game library Only a few minigames to choose from. poor
  • Graphics Points for 8-bit! good
  • Battery life It's stick kickin' a year later great!
  • Portability (size / weight) Throw it in your pocket and be on your way! great!
  • Durability A few scratches here and there, but very solid. good
Detailed review
It feels a little silly to review the Pokéwalker as a standalone gadget. The whole point of it is to exist as an extension of the Heart Gold and Soul Silver games, and in that regard it's a really nifty little gadget. As a standalone device, it sort of sucks, but it feels off to bash something for being bad at what it's not supposed to do.

It's an excellent extension of the Pokémon games though. They potential to train and catch new Pokémon while you go about your day to day routine is actually pretty neat, and the IR connectivity only heightens the experience. The Pokéwalker, along with either Heart Gold or Soul Silver, is a must have for Pokémon enthusiasts.
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