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Engadget Mar 21, 2011

The Virtual Boy is a poorly-designed console that was rushed to market and then rushed to obscurity. Its place in history as one of Nintendo's biggest failures is well deserved, but as a novel addition to a retro gaming collection its position is well secured.

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timchoi89 timchoi89

I bought the Virtual Boy just so I can add it to my "_____ Boy" collection and it's the clunkiest thing I've ever played with. The headgear reminds me of the night vision goggles from the original Jurassic Park and the controller looked like an early precursor to the N64 controller except even...

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jhoff80 jhoff80

The Virtual Boy has a reputation as being a joke, a horrible gaming system, and Nintendo's worst device ever. While I can't disagree on the latter (there's some tough competition out there), it is not nearly as bad as the reputation it has. While it's a little irritating to...

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tatsumaki tatsumaki

I guess it was ahead of its time, though I think it was more likely an interesting, but significantly flawed, concept. Virtual Boy gave a fair approximation of true 3D using red LEDs and a spinning mirror. The result was everything was red and black monotone but did look quite stunning. Of...

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ericmasiello ericmasiello

The pack in game, Mario Tennis, I found to be a lot of fun and at the time, really did seem to give you that feeling of 3D gaming. However, every single other game on the device was utter crap with maybe a slight exception made for the Wario Woods game (eventhough I'd hardly call that...

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beau beau

So many things were so horribly wrong about the Virtual Boy: -- You looked bad when you played it. There was no getting around it, you looked far more dorky playing the Virtual Boy than any other game system ever. Also anyone who sees you playing has no idea what game you're reacting to,...

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