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by groovechicken

Anyone using an upscaler with their Wii?
I have been using a Sony Vega HD CRT for years, but decided to buy an LCD finally so I could have proper PC connections to run an HTPC without all the workarounds. I bought a cheap RCA, which actually looks a lot nicer than I expected for everything I have thrown at it so far... except the Wii. Apparently, one of the ways they were able to sell this TV so cheap is to skimp on the upscaler.
So, after having been used to the beautiful visuals (for the Wii) of The Last Story, I was dismayed when I... Read more →

by chuckiej

Do you think Virual Console games will work on Nintendo's next console? (I realize it's too early to know for sure)
I'm wondering if there's anything in the way they market the games that would provide a clue. I've avoided Wii fever but do want to play the Mario Galaxy games and several old favorites on the Virtual Console. The new price is about right for me assuming my VC purchases will carry over to the next console.

by peter

Does anyone have a favorite online video game rental service? (You know, like Netflix for games?
) I don't have a ton of time to play these days, but there are a handful of titles I missed when they first came out that I would really like to play (like Uncharted 2), so I figured renting one game every month or so would be a better deal than buying. I checked out GameFly, but wasn't really impressed by their pricing, so I ended up signing up for Gamemine. Their pricing is better, but selection isn't so hot, there's a wait list for nearly everything I want, and I'd be... Read more →

by ophia921

My Wii will not power on. There are no lights that turn on. I've unplugged everything from the console and left it unplugged.
I plugged just the power adapter back in (checking to make sure it was in securely and such). I plugged it into the surge protector. Still nothing. I tried another outlet in another room that I know works, still nothing. So I left it all unplugged for several days and tried again. Still no power at all. Should I see if I get it repaired or purchase a new power adapter?

by gtsorbo

Overheating and shutting down
Often when I'm playing Wii, the console will shut itself off without any notice. When I feel the Wii it is pretty hot, so I think it may be an overheating issue. Has anyone else had this issue? If so is there a way to go through Nintendo for repairs for this problem?