June 21st 2009 8:40 pm

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by toddjy

Golf on the Wii...
I bought my Wii to leave at my parents' house, since I didn't think they'd buy one for themselves. My dad has always liked golf (not miniature), and I think he might play a golf game if I bought one for him. I know that golf is included in the Wii sports, but that's like 9 or 18 holes, right? Seems to me you'd get bored pretty quick. Tiger Woods seems to be the big golf game, and from the reviews I've looked at, 2009 fell short. So it's either 2008, which seems... Read more →

by toddjy

How many nanchucks do I want? And batteries...
When I bought my Wii, I also bought a spare controller set (remote, nanchuk, and wheel). And I'm going to get two more remotes (one with Wii Play), since some games can have four players. Are there any four player games that use the Nanchucks? Also, I bought Mario Kart; is it worth to get two more wheels? And, I plan on getting the Zapper with the crossbow game; is that worth the cost? I bought a dual charging stand that came with two NiMH battery packs. Is this a better idea than using...

by coologuy1957

Wii in HD
I'm so sick of hearing people talk about "ya, but it's not in HD..." Co-workers bring this up all the time. I have put the Wii on a 57" 1080p TV, put it on a 100" projected screen, and on all sizes of regular TVs and it all looks fine. I guess my point is, even if the Wii could technically do 1080p, this is still Nintendo we're talking about! It's still cartoony, bright, shiny games! It's still Mario Party! WarioWare, Brain Age, Metroid, Super Mario... Read more →

by deinfinityx

Wii could get Netflix
Another Rumor hot off the presses, the Wii and possibly the Iphone could be getting streaming Netflix http://www.crunchgear.com/2009/08/03/netflix-to-st... Now like most things on this conundrum of a thing called the internet this may not happen but it could give me another use for my Wii, to save my xbox from even more punishment.

by beefquake

PlayOn Media server for Wii opinions?
Interested in hearing peoples feedback on this. How is the quality on your tv? Performance? etc.. Please post your connection type (wireless type, wired...) how your connecting the wii to your tv, and the size/type/model of the TV you are using it on. Also, if you prefer another solution...what and why? Not interested in hearing 360, PS3..yada yada is better...I know that already Reference Links http://www.engadgethd.com/2009/07/30/playon-media-...

by coologuy1957

WiiWare ruining Virtual Console
Don't get me wrong, there have been some amazing WiiWare games. But when I first got the Wii, there was at least one great classic Nintendo game released to the Virtual Console each week. Now, I still get the email notications for new WiiWare and VC game releases, but I haven't seen any VC games worth getting in forever. It seems like Nintendo is putting all their power into do quality assurance for new WiiWare releases instead of splitting its time to make sure quality VC games come out... Read more →

by Drew

MiiMote on Windows 7?
Has anyone got the WiiMote working on Windows 7? Mine appears in bluetooth devices, and shows in WiiMoteConnect, but all four lights constantly flash and doesn't do anything when I launch GlovePie. Anyone got any ideas? Thanks :-)

by Levarris

Wii Sports Resort
After reading a review on GiantBomb about Will Sports Resort I am not interested in playing the Nintendo Wii again. After watching the E3 Press Conf last year and this year I was just not into the idea of the motion plus. Now with a indeth look and review of how it really works I think I will be playing again with the Wii. When this console first came out I found that I really kept to the virtual console and Wii sports side of things because many games after that didn't really make me jump... Read more →

by Nate

Does anyone actually play their Wii?
I've had mine for going on two years now, and played the heck out of the thing for about a month. Even my wife got in on it. At this point, I can't remember the last time I even turned the thing on. When I bought it, I kinda thought it was gimmicky, and worried that it may be a total waste of money, and it looks like I was right. I will say, when I have company, they really get a kick out of it, though.

by alvic51

MotionPlus not supporting Nyko Kama (wireless nunchuk)
Is anyone else upset that the new WiiMotionPlus isn't compatible with any of the wireless nunchuk accessories? I really enjoy using my Nyko Kama wireless nunchuk (the adapter plugs into the bottom of the Wiimote and "syncs" with the wireless nunchuk), but the MotionPlus has two raised plastic parts that prevent the adapter from being plugged in. If Nintendo made their own wireless nunchuks, then I understand, but why do they have to "break" adaptability with third-party... Read more →