June 21st 2009 8:40 pm

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Nintendo had themselves a hit back in the day. With a name like Revolution and an innovative control system, what could go wrong? Everything. When I purchased my console on the day it was released (27 hours I waited), I figured I was one of the few who would proudly own this new console seeing as how the Gamecube was not so great. Boy, was I wrong. The next month Nintendo had sold out of Wiis and everyone wanted one. It was awesome to have purchased mine already and listen to all of my friends talk about how they wanted one.

A few months rolled by, and Nintendo was raking the cash in left and right. I loved this system so much especially when I heard that the new Smash Bros. game was going to be released the next year of March. After I purchased that game and after waiting for so long, I took a step back and looked at what Nintendo had become... a casual gaming company.

It sucked so hard to see my favorite company destroy itself because of all the money they had earned from casual hits. That along with the Wii's pitiful excuse of online made me almost quit gaming! I thought there was something wrong with me. I didn't want to play games anymore. I thought that my favorite hobby was coming to an end.

But then my bro called me over one day to play his PS3. I was immediately revitalized by all of their games. For some reason, Nintendo had lost its touch, and Sony and Microsoft looked a lot nicer with their games.

I don't know. I still want Nintendo to do good, I want them to come out with something that amazes everyone, but with their lackluster online, and its eyes focused on the casuals, I don't think I'll be playing anything on the Wii for quite some time (SMG2 anyone?).

Come back to me, Nintendo.