by Kanogul

Is tablet integration the future of gaming?
Microsoft unveiled their Xbox SmartGlass tablet software yesterday at E3. This software will allow for users to interact with certain elements of their Xbox console from their tablets. For instance, the user might be able to more easily control streaming videos or get extra data and usability from their games through menus on the tablet. These applications will communicate with the console in real time, instead of being a standalone application like previous apps such as Halo Waypoint.
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by refractured

Do you think the Wii U will sell as well as the Wii?
It looks like this is Nintento's return to a console and not a gimmick. At least from what I know. It doesn't look like it will have the same broad appeal that even Grandmothers were buying. Or do you think that Nintendo has established enough brand power with casual gamers that they'll be convinced to upgrade?