June 7th 2011 12:54 pm


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by kris

Could the Wii U's launch price spell trouble for the system?
At a press conference this morning Nintendo of America announced the release date and the price for the Wii U. The system launches November 18, which is perfect for catching the holiday shopping season (and in line with the release schedule for the original Wii), and two bundles were announced with two price points:
  • Basic: A white console, white gamepad, 8GB of memory for $299.99
  • Deluxe: A black console, black gamepad, 32GB of memory, charging cradle, gamepad and console stands, the Nintendo Land...
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by kris

Is Nintendo finally getting serious about hardcore gaming again?
Even though Nintendo sold over 70 million consoles to kids, your parents, your grandparents, and probably a million other people you wouldn't ever have imagined buying a console before, they still seemed to crave acceptance from the hardcore gaming community, who largely dismissed the Wii as being for kids, with weak graphics and a poor games library. Last year's E3 for the Wii U presentation definitely emphasized their commitment to high-quality HD graphics and a strong, diverse games library.... Read more →

by aaron

Wii U only supports one of the new controllers at a time
While the Wii U is compatible with up to 4 existing Wii Remotes, Shigeru Miyamoto tells GamePro that the system is designed to be used with only one of the next-generation controllers. He explains that if they wanted to support several touchscreen controllers, they would have probably let people use their Nintendo 3DS systems as input devices. Since the content on the touchscreen is simply streamed to the controller from the console, perhaps the system doesn't have the horsepower to drive... Read more →

by manveru

This reminds me of the Dreamcast VMU
There weren't a whole lot of games that used it, but the screen-inside-your-controller idea was still kind of cool. I'm sure the Wii U will make better use of it, but it's still making me feel nostalgic and want to see if my Dreamcast still works. http://gdgt.com/sega/dreamcast/visual-memory-unit/

by travistubbs

If Nintendo can make their Online experience better, they could be quite the threat with the Wii U.
Yes, details are very scant right now, but from what was shown, this could be quite a system. Innovative controller? HD graphics? Backwards compatible? Big name games? it definitely sounds good on paper. Another missing puzzle piece is online gaming. Nintendo has never been strong here, which makes me wonder how they'll make the experience better with the Wii U. Will they make it better? It's no longer just about online competition and game downloads, but home entertainment and social solutions... Read more →

by kris

Watching the Nintendo E3 press conference? Discuss here.
What will the next generation of Nintendo home console look like? Tune in and find out. Conference starts at noon EST. Watch it livestreaming at: Nintendo: http://e3.nintendo.com/ G4: http://www.g4tv.com/e3-2011/press-conferences/nint... Game Trailers: http://www.gametrailers.com/netstorage/e3/e3-live.... For those with access to an actual TV, it's also airing on G4 (check local listings). Engadget is liveblogging at: http://www.engadget.com/2011/06/07/live-from-ninte... Read more →