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  • Game library Some really good games but lacks the best Nitendo only's good
  • Graphics Not next-gen but better than PS3 and Xbox 360 good
  • Controller(s) Gamepad is awesome and pro controller too. great!
  • Design and form factor Small and matches my black tv great!
  • Other features (media, online, etc.) Miiverse, fast internet, netflix and YouTube (but apps could be better) good
  • Noise Really quiet! great!
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My opinion is that the Wii U is a great gaming system. It only lacks some Nintendo only's, but those are in development so it is going to be awesome. The system has great graphics, but it is a little bit slow. Opening en closing games and apps is quick (Miiverse and other apps load above the OS so those quit really fast) but in-game loading times is a pain for big 3D openworld games. Some games make real use of the gamepads abilities and it is a great controller. Battery doesn't last very long but I bought a bigger battery and set the brightness from 5/5 to 4/5. That really helped. Overal the system has some great features. It can download and install games and updates when it is powered of, in stand-by mode. Downloading things is fast enough and webbrowsing works great too. Storage isn't that much but if you connect your own HDD it isn;t a big issue. I am really happy with my Wii U!
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