by KNine113

USB connections.... I bought this machine because of the USB port. I can't find a cable to make flash drives work.
After getting the Lumia 2520 to work, I found out that it had a micro USB port instead of a full sized port. I figured that I could get a connector cable for conversion. I have purchased 3 different types of USB 3.0 cables and still have no success. I haven't even been able to sync with my Samsung Note 3 cell phone. I have to do everything through Skydrive, a royal pain. I would rather save to flash and keep going. Does anyone have any suggestions on specs for cables to use? I hate the idea of...

by Plantje

I want to replace my Asus Vivotab RT with a Lumia 2520, but I have some questions. Does a 64GB SDXC card still work on a Lumia 2520? How is the GPS?
Currently I have a 64GB SDXC card and I am curious if the Lumia 2520 will still be able to use it. Next to that I am wondering how the GPS is. I think the GPS of the Asus Vivotab RT is nice, but as soon as I start driving it loses its fix. Is the Lumia 2520 any better? For example will the Lumia 2520 work as good as my Lumia 820 phone? Thanks in advance!