February 25th 2013 8:08 am

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by suyashbansal

I want to buy a new phone. Which one should I buy?
I live in India. Here there are no carrier contract phones available & everything is unlocked. I want to buy a new phone. My budget is around ₹22,000 ($349).
I am so confused. At $349 Nexus 5 is an option but in India it is available for ₹29,000($470). I also considered Nokia 720 which is available for ₹14,000($227) and Moto G (currently not in India).
I was thinking of purchasing the phone from USA. Is it ok to buy from US?
Is there any better option available? Or should I wait for some...

by TgD

Best Windows Phone apps for FB chat, Feedly, Instagram?
Yesterday I got a very good deal on a new Nokia Lumia 520, and since I wanted to learn more about Windows Phone 8 I am going to be using it as my daily driver for the next bit.
So far, three things I use regularly don't seem to have that great of an experience.
Facebook chat is the top thing I am scrambling to get a good replacement for. There is integration between the OS and FB chat, but it seems unreliable at pushing me notifications. I am giving IM+ a try at the moment.
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