February 25th 2013 8:08 am

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  • Reception and call quality Better than my Nexus 4, on par with old BlackBerrys. That's a complement great!
  • Display Lowish resolution, decent color quality so-so
  • Battery life Windows Phone seems very optimized. No battery issues great!
  • Camera No flash, but gets the job done. If you are a photographer look for the lumia 920 to 1020 so-so
  • Ease of use Windows Phone 8 is quite intuitive good
  • Design and form factor This phone is beautiful. I have the cyan and black shells and they are wonderful great!
  • Portability (size / weight) This phone is much smaller and more pocketable than flagship phones today great!
  • Media support No problem with Music or Videos great!
  • Durability I bet this thing can take a drop and will not shatter great!
  • Ecosystem (apps, accessories, etc.) Windows phone 8 a bit lacking (see my review) so-so
Detailed review
This phone is the best phone you can get for ~$100 with no contract.

That's right, for $100 on AT&T you can get this without a contract. Mine was slightly more ($120) on Rogers in Canada, but it came with both the glossy cyan and matte black back covers.

To justify my statement, the only other real competitor I can go to the store and get for $100 right now is the BlackBerry 9360 and this is miles ahead. Notable competitors in the $100 in the past have been the Sony Xperia Ray and the BlackBerry Pearl 9100.

The design of this phone is top notch considering the cost. The glass (plastic?) covering the screen fingerprints ludicrously easily, but other than that it feels so nice in the hand. The screen is very responsive, and Nokia advertises the sensitive touch that will work with gloves on.

What makes this phone shine is the windows phone 8 ecosystem that takes this low powered phone and make it seem like a fluid experience. See my review of that here- gdgt.com­/microsoft­/windows­/phone­/8­/reviews­/ycx/

Lower end android devices are not a pleasure to use as there generally becomes considerable OS lag the cheaper the phone gets. I would have no problem recommending this phone to a friend who needed a cheaper phone. In fact, I already have :)

As always I'll be happy to answer questions in the comments