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by Gikero

Where to get reliable network coverage information?
I am moving in a few months and am looking to switch cell phone providers. Currently am with Verizon and I am hating the monthly price. Coverage is great where I live, and I am under the impression it will be great where I am moving. I am not sure how to find out what other cell service providers will be good in the area.
I like about trying out a service like Ting, which is Sprint. They have no coverage where I currently live. T-Mobile also has no coverage. Basically, its AT&T or Verizon.... Read more →

by ohcapital

Anyone else having issues using a microSIM adapter with the 920?
I know there are quite a few of us who switch between the iPhone 5 and the 920 as their phone for the day so just wanted to check with everyone else and see if you're also experiencing issues with the 920's SIM slot and using a microSIM adapter to convert the nanoSIM from the iPhone to a micoSIM.
It seems to take forever to get the adapter to line up correctly when you insert it. Just wanted to see if anyone had any tips for getting it to fit right. I never seem to have this problem with any of...

by M3GSO

Should I Stay (With Windows Phone) or should I Go (Back to Android)?
I'm a very simple person, Give me lots of memory(preferably expandable) and a huge screen. Simple right?
I have a Lumia 900, and I love what it does, and I love it for what it isn't, an iPhone or an Android phone. The 920 seems to be the Best Windows available from launch day, but with only a 4.5-inch HD display, and 32GB sealed with no expansion. This doesn't seem that much different from my 900; except the obvious WP8, camera, etc...
Sounds like Android is becoming more, and more what I want in... Read more →

by crazysidd007

i am fuddled between galaxy note2 and windows phone 8......plz help me!
i am dazed between galaxy note 2 and windows phone........i am amused by the S software galaxy note 2 is providing and by the advanced s pen,and also by the screen size ...but the thing i am afflicted by is its os "ANDROID" so for the change i am intreasted in windows phone 8.......which my mind is diverted too.....so i am in great trouble ...i am hanging between both else...!