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  • Reception and call quality No comments great!
  • Display No comments great!
  • Battery life No comments great!
  • Camera No comments good
  • Ease of use No comments great!
  • Design and form factor No comments great!
  • Portability (size / weight) No comments great!
  • Media support No comments good
  • Durability No comments great!
  • Ecosystem (apps, accessories, etc.) No comments great!
Detailed review
I love my Lumia 920 (black) and the WP 8 ecosystem. For me there are enough apps available and more are coming every day. The only issues I have is with camera that sometimes white colors seems too yellow during daytime recording, but I think a software update for that issue is underway. The other thing is that the WP8 media player still does not allow you do jump to a certain part of a song/ video you have to forward - WTF? I mean are the eigthies back or what? Besides that I think it is really a great phone.