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Nokia's N9, with its sleek and striking industrial design, high-quality camera, and support for global voice and data networks, was one of the most interesting smartphones launched in 2011. It was also destined to remain a niche product in much of the world, as Nokia scaled back support for its MeeGo operating system in favor of phones running on the Windows Phone platform. The phone was never officially released in many markets, including the U.S., requiring potential customers to purchase unlocked versions for as much as $500. That high price, and the lack of a clear upgrade path, mean that most U.S. consumers are likely to find better options through their cellphone carriers. But for those willing to forgo that support system, the N9 remains an intriguing product.

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Engadget Oct 22, 2011

The Nokia N9 delivers a double punch with gorgeous hardware and brilliant software, yet it was killed before even getting a chance to prove its worth.

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SlashGear Oct 23, 2011

It may not be the fastest, or the most whiz-bang of the smartphones, but it’s holistically beautiful and an example in many ways of why Nokia once led the mobile field.

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GSM Arena Oct 14, 2011

Beautiful. Simple. Brilliant. Out of place and hardly on time. Timeless. The Nokia N9 is a story with no happy ending but you want to enjoy every word.

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PocketNow Nov 17, 2011

You will probably not switch over from iOS, Windows Phone or Android to MeeGo but if you are new to smartphones, the Nokia N9 is definitely a choice you can consider.

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MobileBurn Nov 9, 2011

The N9 is certainly not without its flaws, but it still is one of the most beautiful smartphones ever developed, and likely the most interesting smartphone introduced in 2011.

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jeepguynola jeepguynola

This has GOT to be the sexiest, sweetest–I hate to even call it a phone–communicator ever stillborn. Makes everything else I’ve had feel cheap, including original iPhone. After a very slight earning curve, you’ll wonder why all OSs aren’t this simple and sweet. The screen is phenomenal, pitch...

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10basetom 10basetom

I have been using the N9 for about a year, and looking back I've been mostly happy with it. Sometimes even ecstatic (design and software), but a few times it left me wanting more (app space and battery life). If I could summarize the character of this phone in one sentence, then I'd say it's a...

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Wylify Wylify

Nokia N9 is just great nearly in every way... It's stylish, powerful and great for your entertainment. You don't get in need to download everyone app in the Nokia Store, because N9 is fully loaded with great and useful apps (even games)... You get great but maybe too simple Web browser, perfect...

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Toink Toink

My first N9 (Black 64GB) had those black/dark spots/streaks on the AMOLED screen that was very visible when the phone is in cam mode or watching videos in a dark room. Luckily I got a refund, bought another one, same color and model, (Black 64GB), from another shop. No AMOLED issue. A week after...

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rkarolak rkarolak

It's a really neat and beautiful device with an interesting interface. Tweakers and hackers will like that it's Debian on the backend and Linux apps can be installed alongside Meego apps. At the end of the day however it suffers from a nearly dead ecosystem and a not-quite-smooth experience. It's...

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njashanmal njashanmal

I see a lot of other reviewers being very...forgiving towards this device and some even saying that Nokia should have stuck with MeeGo in favor of Windows Phone but given that I've used both the N9 and the Lumia 800 extensively I have to disagree. There are some things that MeeGo does pretty...

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MFaroTusino MFaroTusino

I was given one by Nokia, and bought a second one, that is how great of a device it is. It is more than a phone, it is a mobile computing powerhouse!

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