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by vivekrajr

Best global phone? GSM+CDMA with 3G and EVDO
I was looking to buy a new phone(in India). I switch between CDMA and GSM often and use two phones for this currently. I am looking to buy a new phone and came across HTC Desire 700
The specifications state that it has GSM and CDMA support on SIM 1(with HSPA and EVDO). I called the customer care to make sure that this was not a typo.
Are there other phones like this on which I can just use GSM SIM and CDMA UIM on the same slot? Are there any...

by karankashyap

Which phone should I buy among these reviewed?
I need a very detailed advice on which phone should I choose?
I am planning to buy a new phone, either Windows 8 or Android. Now, I like Windows Phone UI a lot and I hate Android's but in terms of specs, Android phones like Nexus and Galaxy S4 are a lot more ahead of Windows Phones but maybe its because WIndows phones don't need much RAM or processor. I'm more inclined towards Android for all reasons but the UI and the only thing I find less in Windows 8 is the number of Apps. Plus, I'm not sure... Read more →

by awwsomme

Nokia N8 or E7?
I just looked and it seems that the price on Amazon for both of these phones unlocked have reached about the same price. I really like both of these phones but don't know which of the two I would like better. I currently use an iPhone 4S, but want some variety, and an unlocked smartphone.

by happyschneider

What phone to have Outlook sync without data plan?
My dad needs a new phone. He likes the ability of todays smartphones to be synced all the time but does not want to pay for a data plan. So I'm looking for a solution for him to sync his phone with the computer via USB and have a decent experience to check adresses and calendar on the phone. Email is not important to him as he is stationary on the computer for work. He is not the chatty type of person ;)
I don't think the iPhone is the right thing for him as he does not want iTunes on his... Read more →

by tinythompson999

windows phone or android?
im getting a new phone, but im not sure if i should go windows phone or android. im big on customization, music, and facebook/twitter. i know my stuff but i still cant decide. im pretty much caugh on the galaxy s 2 or the galaxy nexus or whatever nokia decides to make. any advice?

by foxmental

Seeking a Windows 8 Convertible laptop! Intel based with 1280 Res.
I've been loving me test drive of windows 8. it's smoother than windows 7. But... All the features that make it really worth having are for a touch screen. I'm currently rocking a Toshiba satellite with a single core Celeron cpu. its a 15" in netbook. I love touch screens but i hate tablets. I'm looking for a convertible laptop. something like a Lenovo X220 or a dell latitude xt2 or a HP touchsmart tx2. But not as heavy as these 3. i like these because they have the power i want but unlike the... Read more →

by unfazd

Should Microsoft buy the HP Personal Systems Group?
This article by Jean-Louis Gassée ( is probably the best article on the current happenings at HP. The idea that Jean-Louis throws out about Microsoft buying the Personal Systems Group that HP intends to spinoff sounds pretty good if MSFT can build a vertically integrated device & software company similar to Apple. With Nokia as a solid mobile phone partner and a thriving gaming platform in XBox, Microsoft...

by peter

Who would have thought five years ago that Apple & Google would be dominating the smartphone market in 2011?
It's amazing how much things can change in such a relatively short period of time. Back in 2006 the big players were Nokia, RIM, Microsoft (with Windows Mobile), and Palm. Now every single one is struggling. Also serves as a reminder that no matter how high Apple and Google are riding right now, it is still a volatile business and it's not hard to imagine two or three other companies emerging in the next five years to seriously challenge them (like Facebook, for instance).