July 6th 2009 4:44 pm

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Gadgetoid Jul 30, 2009

The MiFi is orders of magnitude more flexible than its USB-port confined cousins. Of course, this flexibility comes at an increased price. The ability to insert and share a 16gb MicroSD card, along with a very decent set of bread-n-butter router functions, plus a direct-USB mode for computers...

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julianchick julianchick

When travelling around a 3G connection is useful where there are no WiFi hotspots. The traditional route of using a 3G dongle works if your device is a computer but not for media players or if you want to share the connection. Plugging a dongle into a computer results in a stick stuck out from...

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anderskrycek anderskrycek

I had bought a mobile broadband dongle and my wife and I were forever passing it backwards and forwards for our laptops. The MiFi allows up to 5 devices to connect to it wirelessly. So even my iPod Touch is useable out and about. I have had a few connection issues, but power off and on has...

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The first device of its kind which came to market, the MiFi solves allows you to connect five devices to mobile data without having to buy five SIM cards

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GeekOfComedy GeekOfComedy

My MiFi 2352 is a nifty gadget but due it's over heating, and bad batteries I had a chance to get a unlimited data plan on my iPhone 4 I switched to a mobile hotspot on my Phone, Also the battery on my MiFi lasted 3 hours at max on 1 device and less when you coupled it with 2 devices.

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