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73 July 14th 2014 5:01 pm

One big hurdle facing potential cord cutters is the loss of local over-the-air content like news and sports, but that problem can be solved by simply attaching an antenna to pull in all that free content. Unfortunately, what you don't get with that arrangement is a DVR to record all your favorite shows. If you're a cord cutter you're probably trying to save a little money, so a TiVo might be out of the picture. You could always build your own DVR with a spare PC, but that might be a big headache to set up. The Tablo aims to sidestep all these issues with their DVR, but you'll still need to provide the antenna and the storage.

On the outside, the Tablo is an unassuming box that slides right into your entertainment center. It has built-in WiFi and two USB ports for you to connect your external drive too. Unfortunately, you can only use one at a time, and though it has a 2TB limit per drive, Sound+Vision says even "a 500-GB drive will store about 250 hours of HD content" so it should be fine. What Tablo lacks is a HDMI cable for direct connection to your TV, which Digital Trends says is "integral" to the Tablo, that in giving you the freedom to place the box "anywhere in particular ... means it can live where the antenna needs to live."

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CNET May 20, 2014

Nuyvvo's Tablo is one of the most promising over-the-air TV recording solutions in years, but there are just enough quirks to keep it in early-adopter territory.

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PC Mag Jun 30, 2014

The Tablo Over-the-Air DVR lets you record broadcast television to a hard drive and play it with your mobile device or compatible media hub, but you can't hook it up to your HDTV.

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Wired Jul 13, 2014

Although the monthly fee is hard to swallow, for many a cord-cutter, the Tablo could be the final piece of the puzzle.

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Digital Trends Jun 5, 2014

We hope future models offer an HDMI output, and we look forward to upgrades that allow multiple hard drives to be used at once. But even as it is, the Tablo is a slick device with a sweet interface even a tech novice can love.

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karlj karlj

I have the 4x tuner device and it's quite good. To put this in perspective, I have a Slingbox Pro HD as well. The Tablo succeeds where Slingbox fails for a number of reasons: 1) Free clients! I have used Tablo with iOS and Android tablet clients or just used Chrome browser. Slingbox charges...

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