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The Nyne NB-200 joins a crowded market for sub-$100 Bluetooth speakers, and could be worth considering, given what Wired calls its "great sound in a small package and an affordable price." The NB-200 has good battery life, as well as a handlebar mount that, while probably not suited to competitive cycling, could be handy for casual cyclists -- or users of stationary exercise bikes who prefer a speaker to headphones. Nyne also suggests attaching it to a baby stroller so you can take calls on its speaker phone while taking a napping baby for a walk.

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Wired Jan 10, 2013

The Nyne NB-200 ... is a Bluetooth speaker that provides great sound in a small package and an affordable price.

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Gear Diary Nov 20, 2012

If you want a small Bluetooth speaker that is light, offers an unusual look and is “handle-bar mountable”, then this might be a good choice. But in a crowded space, I just wasn’t overly impressed.

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The Gadgeteer Jan 5, 2013

Let’s be real here; to get a very decent sounding wireless and portable Bluetooth speaker with hands-free speakerphone and bike mount thrown in the mix still makes for a compelling audio gadget.

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