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by Falcon

Olympus E-PM2 or E-PL5
I'm looking to jump into the entry level, mirrorless, micro four thirds camera market with either the Olympus E-PM2 or the E-PL5. Both are essentially the same except for a few minor features the E-PL5 has:
  • Replaceable, larger grip
  • Articulated LCD
  • Top mode dial
In particular, I'm not sure how much these features are worth. The price difference is around ~$100, but I am mainly concerned with the weight and size gain from the extensive articulating arm in the E-PL5.
Likewise, I'm not sure how important... Read more →

by Enosone

Does anyone own/use an Olympus E-PL1?
I'm currently considering buying the Olympus E-PL1 but not sure I'm quite ready to pull the trigger on it. I need to buy a camera before October but need the following: decent low-light photos, light enough where I won't lose an arm walking around a convention floor all day, manual controls, under $600.

by jpacitto

Optical Zoom during Video Capture
I noticed the other day that when in "underwater mode", the Olympus Tough 8000 allows you to zoom while shooting video by default, and it's full optical zoom, whereas in "non-Underwater mode" it will only allow you to perform a digital zoom if you've set it up that way already. Now, what gets me, is if the device can physically do the optical zoom in one mode, why can't it do it in the other? It just doesn't make sense, and seems like something that should be... Read more →