July 14th 2009 8:16 pm

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edgex004 edgex004

The Pandora is not for everyone. That has to be said first. It is a niche device, and my review is from the point of view of someone who really loves that niche. The highlight of the unit is certainly the community. There is a strong core group of developers constantly putting out content. Some...

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Kajayacht Kajayacht

When I first heard of the Open Pandora, I was excited like no other. Years later when I finally got one, times was certainly not good to the OP. The people making software for this are terrible developers, I said it, you can't fault them for trying and the fact that almost all of the software...

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xypher xypher

Great for a techie, with a desire to do some developing, and can work with Linux to some extent. Recommend only to someone with patience. Do read the forum on open pandora before you purchase!

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benad benad

Absolutely a great platform for hackers, homebrew games and emulators. It is truly "open" up to the firmware. The customized application launcher makes it a breeze to write some software in a package and load it form an SD card, no install requited. The hardware is quite flexible (2 SD cards,...

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