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The BDP-103's price may be high for a Blu-ray player, but not many players combine built-in support for major streaming services with support for SACD, DVD-Audio and even FLAC audio files, as well as an MHL port for devices like the Roku Streaming Stick. When it comes to video quality the BDP-103 comes through with PC World Australia saying "the BDP-103 has the best quality video processing that we’ve ever seen from a Blu-ray player." T3 agrees, saying "image quality is outstanding, with superlative detail delivered from BD content." Home Theater Review was not only pleased with the video quality, but called the BDP-103's audio quality "a hell of a dynamic, textural and engaging sound experience." The OPPO BDP-103's price may not be for everyone, but if you put a lot of value in video and audio quality, and want a player with support for a wide range of file formats, it's hard to beat.

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PC Mag Nov 29, 2012

For a hefty price, the Oppo BDP-103 offers top-notch performance along with every feature you could want in a Blu-ray player—and then some.

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PC World Australia Nov 21, 2012

The BDP-103 is as good a Blu-ray player as we’ve ever seen. It’s extremely well-built and uses the highest quality components. It produces the best picture, supports the most formats, and has the most features of any consumer-level Blu-ray player on the market.

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Home Theater Nov 9, 2012

As you can probably tell, I really like the BDP-103. Sure, at $499 it’s a lot more expensive than other players ... But look at what the Oppo brings to the table ... If that isn’t worth a few extra dollars, then I don’t know what is. Highly recommended.

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Home Theater Review Nov 19, 2012

What's left to say about the Oppo's new BDP-103 universal Blu-ray player, except that it is currently the universal disc spinner to have and the one to beat and the fact that it doesn't cost you an arm, leg and kidney is just icing on the cake.

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HDTVTest Dec 5, 2012

The BDP-103EU does have it all: outstanding usability, fast performance, undistorted playback of 1080p/24 Blu-ray Discs, excellent handling of trickier sources such as 1080i content and DVDs, and a very quiet disc mechanism.

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T3 Apr 10, 2013

While we would have liked to see Wi-Fi built in, the provision of a USB dongle does the job. Online content is limited, but that doesn't diminish this player's AV performance, which is formidable.

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What Hi-Fi Jan 18, 2013

We had high hopes for the Oppo, and although its feature set is virtually impossible to beat at the money (and this alone could be reason enough to buy it) the level of picture and sound quality isn’t really reflected in the price.

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About Dec 29, 2012

The OPPO BDP-103 carries on in this tradition with flying colors, displaying excellent video and audio quality, supported by features, such as fast loading, dual HDMI outputs, two HDMI inputs ... and three USB outputs, down to the easy-to-use backlit remote control, that are practical for users.

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Timing is everything. I finally purchased the Oppo 95, waiting patiently for price drop that never came, I bit the bullet and purchased the 95 late Sept. only to find out a week later that new models were being released. I broke in the 95 and the picture, sound & performance bested my trusted...

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brad2k brad2k

Great player overall. Looks sharp, great build quality, fast boot-up and disc load times, great audio and video quality. You can immediately feel the different in build quality between this player and a cheaper model. It doubles as a media player for me -- one that supports DTS-HD and TrueHD in...

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iReval iReval

Hello, I'm a huge Audiophile and love my gear and music. This OPPO was the replacement to my PS4, i was tired of limit i had to make the picture the best i could. It gives you the ability to change the tiniest details to even customizing the HDMI ports. I've played Adele at the Royal Hall, as...

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