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After seeing the cool stuff that could be done on the earlier version of Palm, I wanted one. But I wanted it to be 'expandable' since I knew that at some point I was going to need more space. So when Palm released the IIIx model, I pulled the trigger. I now had something which I could sync with my desktop and play games too! With a little searching you could find apps for everything that you needed. Eventually wore out the stylus and bought the 3-pack replacement. I even picked up books for coding and everything. Unfortunately since I did take it everywhere, in the end that's what killed it, dropped it on the floor and cracked the screen. Damn, $270 down the drain. Did get value out of it, but didn't replace it. Probably all of the AAA batteries it was eating up. Could have replaced the screen in the aftermarket but didn't get around to it. Still was my first real gadget with an open app ecosystem.