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by dave

Did webOS really ever have a chance to succeed in the mobile world?
It's sad news in the tech world today as HP kills of their tablet and smartphone development. Is this truly the end of webOS? A common meme I've seen over the past year or so with regard to webOS is that "it has a lot of potential." This is something numerous users, critics, colleagues, and even myself have said. It seemed to have a lot of legitimately great ideas, but suffered from extremely poor execution and marketing. It raises an interesting question though. Did webOS *really* ever have a... Read more →

by peter

Who would have thought five years ago that Apple & Google would be dominating the smartphone market in 2011?
It's amazing how much things can change in such a relatively short period of time. Back in 2006 the big players were Nokia, RIM, Microsoft (with Windows Mobile), and Palm. Now every single one is struggling. Also serves as a reminder that no matter how high Apple and Google are riding right now, it is still a volatile business and it's not hard to imagine two or three other companies emerging in the next five years to seriously challenge them (like Facebook, for instance).

by skyman375

What does the Google purchase of Motorola mean for HP webOS?
If the other Android licensees no longer perceive that they will be treated fairly and openly by Google, will they explore other OS options? Everyone seems to think, yes, and they say Windows Phone 7 next, but what about webOS? I'd have to think HP's licensing terms might be better, with the imperative of growing the user base. Don't Samsung, LG, and most likely HTC, have to think about it - if for no other reason than to improve their bargaining position with Microsoft?

by mattgibstein

So I succumbed to the TouchPad discount, but I'm underwhelmed...
As the proud owner of a MacBook Pro, iPhone, and iPad 2, it's safe to say I love Apple products. But when people call me a fanboy, it ticks me off: I don't just like Apple products because I'm some brainwashed zombie; it's because I admire the elegance, design, breadth of apps, and focus on the user experience that their products embue. That being said, I'm always curious about the other products in the technology space... is this Android phone more likely to suit my needs? is there a better... Read more →

by bdp90386

I've been hanging with Palm for a while now. Still rocking my original Pre minus on sprint. But seeing as how I haven't updated phones now in 2 yrs.
I'm starting to yearn for a new phone. Should I feel safe holding out for the Pre 3 to be released, whenever that will be, or should I just get an android phone? Some of the new OS announcements from google at their I/O are very tempting. What if i do hold out till July for the Pre 3? Is there a device that I should choose over it? Remember i'll be on Sprint and that's non negotiable considering how cheap they are for their family plans. All thoughts are appreciated. answer this...

by tatsumaki

So here's a question: how fast do most folks find their 3G connection on Verizon, particularly in Michigan?
While I'm loving my Pre and webOS, I've been less impressed with my mobile data speeds. Sometimes I can get between 400 and 700 kpbs, but most of the time it hovers around 160 to 170 kpbs. I'm coming from T-Mo, whose reception was a deal breaker for me, but at least with them I had consistent 400-600 kpbs speeds when I could connect. Is this just how slow Verizon is with unpredictable fits of faster speeds? I've tested using various mobile speed tests and all give me the same...

by Rami98

I have an old silver voyager and my contract is over on april 25th. I am going to upgrade to a palm pre plus, droid eris or blackberry storm 2.
I am not a buisness user. I just use it for social network, texting, internet and apps. you can get the buy one get one free promotion right now for the pre plus. I hate the droid because of the lip and i dont care about the nexus one. Can someone tell me which one to pick and why. keep in mind the build quality, software/OS and app store. Dont give any suggestions for other phones because im only picking from these.

by Falcon

Palm Pre+ GPS Issues
Is anyone else having GPS issues with their Pre+? This has been mentioned on several forums, but there hasn't been an acknowledgment by Palm. I've got a way to duplicate the problem and some notes below: ---------------------------------------- - New Palm Pre Plus from Verizon - webOS First: -... Read more →

by manyspears

Ear speaker dies within 10 days
I'm on my second 755p (refurbished) and the ear speaker has died a second time... somehow the phone thinks I still have my wired headset connected, even though I gently pulled it out when I got out of the car. A quick search shows this is a common problem with the 755p. Too bad- I like the phone otherwise. It has a good balance between phone features and web/app features, and it's generally reliable and sturdy with pretty good battery life. Best keyboard on the market too IMO.

by ted

Missing All App Icons
So earlier this week my Pre did something weird: all of the app icons disappeared, save for the 4 at the quick launch part of the screen. While I could still universal-search an app and launch it, whenever I would attempt to open the main launcher I would be greeted by a gray translucent screen. Where there should have been apps and the icon for the 3 app pages there was nothing. I did a hard reset, and partial erase, the whole nine yards and got nowhere. After a lengthy discussion with Sprint,... Read more →

by peterto

Not syncing all Google contacts
I recently wiped my Pre to install 1.3.5, then upgraded to, but I noticed a significant number of contacts not syncing at all from my Google account. It's only pulling in roughly 1/3 or 98 of my contacts and even then, it's not pulling in all contact information. For instance, it'll pull in an email address, but nothing else. I even removed all my accounts, email, IM and contacts to re-add then, but haven't had any luck. Anyone else seeing this issue? I don't want to... Read more →

by Oldmanwoerle

Power Button Not working
Recently I had the problem that the power button on my phone stopped working. I can press it and press it, but to no avail. This happened to a buddy of mine, and then one day it started working again. Has anyone else had this problem? Could it be possible that the same thing is happening with my power button that has happened to other peoples volume rockers? Could it just be that I have some dust in their and that spraying it with a can of air to clean it out might just fix the problem?