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Palm Pixi Plus, released in January of 2010, is nearly identical to the original Palm Pixi but adds built-in WiFi.

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Engadget Jan 20, 2010

In fact, we're just going to say if you're reading Engadget and serious about finding your next smartphone, just count the Pixi out.

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PreCentral Jan 20, 2010

The Palm Pixi Plus is marketed as "First smartphone" or a "Starter Smartphone." I don't find that moniker especially fair, as the Pixi Plus is as capable as the large majority of other smartphones out there. It compares well against the BlackBerry lineup and even the Android...

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fraseringermany fraseringermany

After a long time deciding which smartphone to go with, I finally went the webOS route. I went with the Palm Pixi Plus for a couple of reasons. 1) I work for HP and I thought I would at least give webOS a try since I have a professional stake in its success. 2) I bought a pixi plus unlocked on...

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kartikcsays kartikcsays

This review is being written in 2011, would have fared much better when the phone was released. Pros webOS is FUN. Best multitasking mobile OS by far. very small and portable keyboard is surprisingly good text looks good thanks to good font choices by Palm Cons webOS is dead, HP has ended...

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captainmicahp captainmicahp

Web OS is an elegant thing to use, but the lack of apps, combined with the way too small form factor make this phone not worth bothering with.

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Bokal Bokal

I bought this phone just to try webOS, in order to decide if I want a pre3 or not, and since I put my sim card in it, I never took it back. I really fell in love with this tiny phone. I love that it fits great in my pocket and that I still have a full keyboard. And I love webOS, a great...

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malberto malberto

I give it 4.0 because the phone have the things I want and need. But I'm sure its not for everyone. This is a very basic smartphone suitable for users who are just entering to the smartphone thing. Although the OS is dead, the device do his job pretty well. It has facebook, 4square twitter and...

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johnsies johnsies

For all its faults. The Palm Pixi plus is the most enjoyable to use smartphone that I have ever owned. The keyboard had a satisfying click, it was perfectly portable, the design was gorgeous and customizable, and the screen put up with a lot of abuse. It was a lot of what Palm did right and what...

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xruslan xruslan

I have not have the Palm Pixi Plus for long, but I already love it. The keyboard is unique, and although it looks tiny, it is very easy to type, text and e-mail with speed and accuracy. The lack of an auto-correct feature is a bit of a bummer, but you learn to live with it. The battery life is a...

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