October 14th 2010 2:07 pm


by andrewkalies

Best alternative to the Pre?
Okay, so I'm a MAJOR gadget geek. I podcast about gadgets, I know a lot about gadgets, I've used practically every mobile OS on the market and know all of their features.. but I've never actually owned my own smartphone. Money is really tight, and I've been using it for other things (mainly upgrading my computer since it's almost a decade old). I've been running on prepaid phones for the past 8 years, and I'm thinking about making the jump soon. I was going to get the Pre 3, since I absolutely... Read more →

by dave

Did webOS really ever have a chance to succeed in the mobile world?
It's sad news in the tech world today as HP kills of their tablet and smartphone development. Is this truly the end of webOS? A common meme I've seen over the past year or so with regard to webOS is that "it has a lot of potential." This is something numerous users, critics, colleagues, and even myself have said. It seemed to have a lot of legitimately great ideas, but suffered from extremely poor execution and marketing. It raises an interesting question though. Did webOS *really* ever have a... Read more →