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Palm Pre 2, released in February of 2011, is the successor to the Palm Pre. Still touting the same pebble shape, 3.1" touchscreen, and slide-out keyboard as its predecssor, it introduces a few design refinements including a Gorilla Glass screen, upgraded processor, and improved camera resolution.

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CNET Mar 2, 2011

The enhancements in WebOS 2.0 make the Palm Pre 2 a very capable smartphone. ... It reminded us how much we love the mobile operating system for its multitasking abilities, data management, and search functionality, and the new enhancements only make it better.

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PC Mag Mar 3, 2011

HP has big plans for WebOS, but the Palm Pre 2 feels like a throwback to 2010. It's fun, but far from cutting edge.

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Wired UK Jan 5, 2011

Hats off to Palm for carving a place for itself in the crowded smart phone market, with its brace of handsets that manage to combine cute good looks with powerful smarts and a uniquely different OS.

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Pocket-Lint Nov 18, 2010

Overall, this is a nice, slick little smartphone that performs well, and offers a number of unique features (such as gesture control and Synergy) that first got us excited by the Palm Pre back in 2009. The only trouble is, the excitement surrounding these features has somewhat worn off.

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TrustedReviews Nov 30, 2010

While the software of the Palm Pre 2 is on a par with anything else out there, the hardware still doesn't do it justice. ... It is generally easy to use but its small screen, lack of onscreen keyboard, small physical keyboard and poor camera means it trails the competition by some way.

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TechRadar Apr 4, 2012

At this point, the Palm Pre feels like an old friend you'd lost touch with. You're a bit surprised he dresses the same as when you last knew him, but when you get talking you remember what an awesome time you had together.

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