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Palm Pre Plus, released in January of 2010, is nearly identical to the original Palm Pre but adds more memory, a faster processor, and includes a Touchstone-compatible rubberized backplate for inductive charging.

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Engadget Jan 20, 2010

As far as phones go, it is by no means perfect -- like the iPhone 3GS or the Nexus One or the Droid, it has its issues, and you will find yourself annoyed by certain decisions Palm has made here.

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CNET Jan 20, 2010

The Palm Pre Plus earns its place as the top WebOS device, improving on the Pre with a better design and performance, and upgraded features. Verizon customers looking for a versatile smartphone to balance their personal and work lives will be well-served by the Pre Plus.

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Gizmodo Jan 20, 2010

You won't notice the increased memory unless you're a habitual window-opener, nor will you appreciate the keyboard unless you really had a problem with the previous one.

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PreCentral Jan 20, 2010

The Palm Pre Plus upgrades the Palm Pre in almost all the right places and has a bright future with new features coming via software updates. It's a cliché to say this, but: the Palm Pre Plus is the best phone Palm has ever made. That's exactly how it should be and it's gratifying...

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techshoe techshoe

gallery-pix-01-300x222 I got the Palm Pre Plus and the Palm Pixi Plus from Verizon a couple days ago, and I’m here to share my first impressions. Starting with the Pre Plus, first thing I have to say is the build quality is a lot better. I had quite a few problems with the Sprint Palm Pre, and...

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jhearne86 jhearne86

I came to the Pre Plus from the Droid Eris, in terms of Android 1.5 with Sense UI vs WebOS...Palm wins hands down. WebOS is a superb system for use on a phone. Gestures, cards, the beauty of it....all in all, a better OS than Android and is a true contender to the iPhone OS3.0. As for the...

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Deletham Deletham

The Palm Pre Plus (AT&T), is the height of Palm build quality, but the bottom of actual usage quality. The AT&T network is spotty, but when you are in service boy is it fast (though WiFi with the "de-throttle patch" is far superior). Ear piece quality is better than any "dumb phone" and...

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Preluv Preluv

This phone is great in all aspects. The only reason that it is not a 10 because of subpar battery life and a smaller screen size. Battery life is understandable because it is better than a motorola droids. The keyboard is no blackberries, but once you get use to it i get around 50 wpm on it. The...

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