July 2nd 2009 1:08 pm

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Detailed review
I've had my 755p for several years now. Although much more powerful phone exists on the market today I can't bring myself to switch over. This phone just serves my needs so well.

I'll be up front, I'm probably one of the few people who chose his phone based entirely on the OS. This is pretty common now with many people selecting a phone based on it having Android, WebOS, or iPhone OS but several years ago you generally based a phone purchase on desired features. But Palm OS has just been exactly what I need in a mobile device operating system. I've not found a single OS out there that has a personal information management suite even half as good as the one included with Palm OS (Now Garnet OS, though most people still know it as Palm OS hence it's the name I will use).

Even though it's many years old the 755p (As most Palm OS based devices) can perform most of the functions done on modern devices. For instance I can listen to music while typing a document and have an AOL Instant Messenger (It's what my friends use, sorry) connection all running at the same time. I can use an SSH client to remotely connect to my computers. I can even do my e-mail on the phone.

With that said it's age does show through. The e-mail client is rather pitiful by today's standards. Likewise the included web browser, although fairly on par with others when the phone came out, is dreadfully pitiful by today's standards. Although the amount of onboard storage is rather small the phone does accept MiniSD cards (And MicroSD cards via a MiniSD to MicroSD adaptor). Technically the phone is only capable of using cards up to 4GB but it will work with 8GB with the caveat that applications will improperly report the amount of free space above 4GB.

The included phone application is straight forward. You have a dial pad with a list of hot buttons underneath where you can add your speed dial numbers. The SMS application is still the defacto standard I judge others by. The interface is very good about properly threading messages as if they were e-mails of instant messenger conversations. It's also straight forward and so simple a monkey could probably fight it out.

I've always had great reception with the phone. I've had several instances where my friends' phones on the same network would have no bars while mine would have one or two. As I spend quite a bit of time in more rural areas this is almost a necessity for me. The phone itself is also built like a tank. I have a friend who accidentally put his through the washing machine. Once he let it dry out he simply put the battery back in and it started working again. Another friend of mine with a 755p has repeatedly dropped his phone onto concrete while riding his bike, it still works. Like I said it's built like a tank and I truly admire that.

The phone is kind of chunky when you compare it to something like the iPhone but it's also very comfortable to hold in the hand. The back of the phone has a rubberized coating which prevents it from slipping out of the hand. Additionally the sides of the phone are grooved slightly giving your fingers a good place to grip the phone when talking on it. Speaking of comfortable the built in keyboard is very nice when you need to do a lot of typing. The keys are spaced out far enough where accidentally hitting unwanted keys isn't that big of a problem. The keys also produce a very noticeable click when pressed down so you know if you've hit it or not.

The battery life is pretty good for a smart phone. I can easily get two days of medium usage out of it. If all else fails the battery is removable so you can carry a spare with you which I do on longer trips. I've never had a day I couldn't get through on a single charge.

Like all devices this one isn't perfect. The Bluetooth radio seems to have issues if there are other Bluetooth devices nearby. For instance if I'm sitting at my computer which has a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard my headset will sometimes disconnect from the phone. Once this happens sometimes the only way of getting the headset to reconnect is to turn Bluetooth off and back on again.

Palm OS is showing it's age and although is capable of multi-tasking to some extent it's not very good at it (Not surprising considering it was never supposed to be a multi-tasking OS). Once in a while when I'm doing multiple things at once and a phone call comes in the phone will reset. Also due general instability it's not uncommon for the phone to reset itself one or twice a month with regular usage.

But those are minor issue to me and overall this phone has simple been a solid device. It's given me years of service with no real troubles.