July 9th 2009 2:12 am

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shawnppickett shawnppickett

This is a great device, with a large beautiful screen, Wi-Fi, bluetooth, and an SD card slot, it offers a lot of ways to get the job done for you. Now for the bad, the touchscreen uses plastic instead of glass, and is prone to developing accuracy issues, luckily glass replacements have become...

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ivanjsl ivanjsl

Nice gadget. But if you want one, think in another one newer, If you still have one, you will keep using it for a long time

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MobyTurbo MobyTurbo

The last PalmOS PDA, and arguably the best, at least in terms of features. Has Wifi, Bluetooth, and a big higher resolution screen than previous models.

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ChrisLux ChrisLux

Our medical school requires us to use this device to track patients. We also have access to palm software that gives us drug and disease information. I was excited to try out such a neat little touch screen device. Unfortunately, Palm makes absolutely terrible software. Syncing fails...

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