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jameyn jameyn

Fast, cheap, readable, durable tablet, and massive storage can be added in the 32 gb sd card slot. It does require a very easy hack to add Android market. Is it a reader turned tablet, or a tablet that doubles as a reader? It does both well. Very few bargain tablets can match this solid performer.

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QuadzillaNET QuadzillaNET

VALUE Older and now on the the way out, refurbished units have been seen at the the $70 mark. As a starter unit or an eReader with bonus features, you would be hard pressed to find a better value. The design and form factor has more pluses than minuses although I do find it difficult to find...

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hctrc1 hctrc1

the only thing i wish it had a better ressolution 600 x 800 pix only but it connects to a hdmi tv wich i think its good.

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