May 13th 2014 9:48 am

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Can technology give you a green thumb?


If you're notorious for killing plants, Flower Power isn't going to be the device to change that. While it sounds like a good idea on paper, we had trouble figuring out if we had adequately satisfied our plants' needs. (We also had trouble getting notifications from it in the first place, which is a different issue altogether.) While the device could be useful for a more experienced gardener, someone who kills plants on the regular isn't going to be much better off with this sensor guiding their way.

We're also not convinced that Bluetooth is the best technology for Flower Power. While it seems like a good idea, receiving Bluetooth notifications means you need to be somewhat close to your plant to find out it needs something. By the time you've walked outside to look at your plant, you should be able to see that it needs water or a little more sun on your own, without the help of technology. If you're working with a whole garden of Flower Power-connected plants, however, the gadget will definitely help highlight those plants in your collection that could use a little more TLC.

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Engadget May 13, 2014

Flower Power can be useful to help you monitor your plants' overall health, and point out when one of them might need extra attention. However, if you need the device to remind you that you actually have a plant, you'll likely be disappointed.

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New York Times Jan 14, 2014

I have several plants in my apartment, all heading toward inevitable death because of my unskilled hands. The Parrot Flower Power sensor has been their savior.

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CNET Jun 3, 2014

For data lovers, the Flower Power tracks and charts well. For everybody else, the Flower Power lacks the convenience of the competition.

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TechHive Feb 13, 2014

If you serially kill your plants, this will help you break the cycle. And if you've already got a green thumb, Flower Power will give you all the nerdy data your heart could desire about your...

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BobbyBrownPants BobbyBrownPants

Parrot done gone killed my plant! I got the Parrot Flower Power to keep a watchful eye over my Venus Fly Trap as I've managed to kill 2 in as many years. While the product looks and feels great and the improved application is a pleasure to use the overall capabilities of the service seem to...

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HansSandkuhl HansSandkuhl

Fantastic design and integration with my plants. Overall the functions it offers are very good and useful. But the App needs a good update to be more user friendly (UX), and it is sometimes a bit frustrating to need to be close to the plant and with the app open to have updates. Future 3rd-party...

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