April 11th 2012 10:49 am


by jakechazan

Shipping and Customer Service
One of the things that reviewers should really look at is not just the technical aspects of a product. There are a million guys writing about that and it’s sometimes hard to distinguish between them.
Equally important are some of the customer service aspects, like shipping. I ordered a Pebble which was being shipped to Canada. The item was shipped from Singapore (hey, I didn’t know that until after I ordered. Duh, sort of a useful piece of information for some of us) on December 2nd .... Read more →

by ScottMcJ

Smartwatch: what should it do beyond a Pebble?
I have been wrestling with what more I want from a smartwatch beyond what the Pebble provides. I have the apps, etc to give me the perfect notification experience for emails, texts, etc. It tells me when someone calls so I can grab the phone. Tasker lets me silence the phone, (unreliably) turn on tethering, and it tells the time.
If I am putting extra bulk on my wrist and trading away 5-day battery life... what am I trading it for?
* A pretty screen, obviously.
* Will we use bi-directional... Read more →

by frankspin

A mechanical chronograph smart watch?! Yes please!
I've bemoaned over smart watches and their lack of utility in (my) life. Aside from lack of utility I have found most of them to be pretty ugly. I'm the furthest thing from a watch enthusiast (though I have gone to an actual private watch showing) but I do appreciate the finer details of a fully automatic watch. I don't expect to ever see an Omega or Sinn smartwatch, that just isn't their style. However Kairos is probably the closest we'll see to a proper watch right now.... Read more →

by frankspin

Are we too connected to the internet?
This is going to sound a bit luddite, please hear me out, but I think we may need to re-evaluate our "need" to be on top of everything going on around us. I started to get this feeling after watching the Android Wear demos and exploring all the different watches currently available. If you go back and re-watch the onstage demo, and look at any press shots or hands on, every image shows it receiving a... Read more →

by johncolucci

Would You Rather: Samsung Gear Fit or the original Pebble?
Our review of the Samsung Gear Fit just popped up on the site today: (http://engt.co/1raj773). Spoiler alert, our Brad Molen said that it's "a messy merger of fitness band and smartwatch."
If you're in the market for a smartwatch with a balance of fitness technology and everyday use, we have to ask -- would you rather pick up the Gear Fit or the original Pebble? (http://engt.co/1pnisSo)
Pen your... Read more →

by DanCooper

How would you change the Pebble?
Talk about Kickstarter and, inevitably, Pebble will come up. The smartwatch received over $10 million in funding, and was one of the biggest success stories to come from the site. What’s interesting, however, is that the minimalist aesthetic carries over into the feature set -- offering nothing more than the odd notification and music control, and yet nailing it totally. The aim of this discussion, however, is to ask what you think and feel about the unit now that it’s been strapped to your...

by frankspin

What's the deal with smartwatches?
There was no shortage of smartwatch announcements today, with Google announcing Android Wear [1], featuring partnerships [2] with HTC, Qualcomm, Motorola [3] and LG [4]; the latter two showing off their first smartwatches under that partnership.
Even after watching Google's concept videos for Android Wear I am still having a hard time understanding what benefit smartwatches bring to the consumer. I... Read more →

by yashendra2797

Fitbit Force vs Jawbone UP 24 vs Nike Fuelband SE vs Pebble
Hey there! I was planning to buy one of the fitness tracking bracelets, but I am confused regarding which one to buy. For me the obvious comparison is between jawbone up 24 and the Fitbit force. This is because the Fuelband doesn't track sleep patterns. But then I thought about the pebble smart watch. While it may not be that comprehensive in fitness, it's amazing overall, and I can still use it for logging miles using runkeeper. So, which one should I buy. Here's my list of pros and cons for... Read more →

by TgD

What apps do you recommend for the Pebble watch?

I was able to snag a pebble watch today during a flash sale, got a pretty good price.

Now as I wait for it to rocket to my doorstep, I have been looking further into apps and watch faces, but the selection seems to be a bit daunting.

Do you have any recommendations on pebble apps or watch faces I should look into?

by dave

Best Buy has Pebble smartwatches on sale for $90 (with .edu account)
For one reason or another, I've been able to hold onto an .edu email address for nearly a decade and it's come in handy for things like this: http://9to5toys.com/2013/12/15/pebble-smartwatch-in-red-or-black-90-shipped-60-off-with-edu-email-120wo/
Best Buy is offering the Pebble for $90 if you enter a valid .edu account! I've been looking for one of these on the cheap (well, cheaper...) for awhile, so I'm pretty keen to pick it up.
(However, when I enter my email, the Best Buy website says it's a... Read more →

by Met

Time to create a smartwatch category?
I know it's a very new technology with very few existing products, but they're rolling in and will probably be a big mainstream thing with the next year or 2 considering the rumors of all the giants working on their own.
Would be nice to browse the available options from now in a single category. There's already the Pebble and now a big booming new project on KickStarter, AGENT ( http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/secretlabs/age... ). I'm sure there are others, as I've... Read more →

by timchoi89

Got a Pebble and an HTC One? I found out why the One unlocks with just a tap.
I was getting really annoyed recently with the One's lockscreen because it stopped requiring me swipe when unlocking the phone. Instead, it would unlock when I tap anywhere on the lock screen. This can become problematic when you're controlling the music player from the lockscreen since the phone will unlock once you press any of the buttons.
Apparently, the reason why it does that is because a service in the Accessibility menu is on which would include Tasker, Pebble, Pebble Notifier, etc.... Read more →

by Met

If a product fixes most the issues that brought down it's GDGT Score in software updates, could it get its score re-evaluated?
I've noticed the main reasons mentioned for the poor score on the Pebble smartwatch are all software based that will most likely be resolved or at least improved upon over time. I'm curious about if the score would be recalculated if it got some big software updates that greatly improved on it and/or the 3rd party tools collection vastly increased.

by Dpmt

Pebble and Spotify on Android
As a Pebble backer, I was disappointed to find out that Spotify's Android app couldn't be controlled by Pebble.
Luckily the wonderful and talented Hexxeh, of Chrome OS hacking fame, is to the rescue.
I can't try it yet because my Pebble hasn't shipped, but hopefully it will work for you lucky few who have yours.
P.S. If you care about Pebble working with Spotify you can take action here:... Read more →

by frankspin

My predictions for consumer technology in 2013
As the year comes to an end and CES is just around the corner, it means that the next wave of consumer electronics are about to shown to the world. In 2012 we saw a lot of improvements in different areas of tech as well some re-inventions of existing products. With 2013 upon us, let’s look ahead at what may be coming our way over the next few months and even months away.
Disclaimer: These are just my personal opinions based on what I’m reading and seeing happen right now.
* We’re already... Read more →

by ploewen

Responding to Messages
I realize that the Pebble has no input method other than the buttons on the side, but has anyone considered developing a canned response app for the watch? In other words, having 10+ pre-written responses (customized by the user) that can be selected from the watch and fired off. For example...
"Be there in X minutes."
"I'll get back to you soon."
"I'll call you later."
Anything along these lines would be great, as people could respond without needing to whip their phone out of their... Read more →

by nitehawk

Pebble Smartwatch
After selling out the kickstarter campaign and make big waves doing so the company is now taking pre-orders on this website:
Go ahead and click on the pre-order button, they say right on the website:
"Your Pebble watch will ship in early 2013. We will not charge your credit card until your watch is ready to ship (and we'll contact you by email first to confirm)."
Shipping early next year?! Wow this company is full of idiots! 6 month lead time on a watch? Talk about bad... Read more →

by marc

Is it time to consider buying a smart watch?
The idea of a watch that can do more than just tell time is nothing new. Dick Tracy's fictional two-way radio watch dates back to the 1930s, wrist PDAs have been around for as long as there were people willing to wear them (I count myself among that style-challenged demographic), and until it was shut down in January, you could still receive data on SPOT watches via Microsoft's MSN Direct service.
The failure of SPOT (the watches were first introduced in 2004, and were discontinued four years... Read more →